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Dedicated Hosting Solutions

Unique Star is the right partner for you when it comes down to scalable, flexible and secure dedicated server for the business-critical applications you have at your end. We take our time for understanding the business model you are using as well as your key objectives so that we can offer you the optimized solutions to ensure your success. Compliance, security and reliability are always our top priorities.Keeping ourselves on top of exploits, patching servers, monitoring performance, adjusting in case of failures, managing proper backups and determining the main cause of problems are some ways we use for taking your burden on our shoulders through our managed servers.

Benefits of Dedicated servers

  • 1
  • Fully managed
    Fully managed – Includes observing, programming upgrades, reboots, security fixes and working framework overhauls.

  • 2
  • Medium level of administration
    Medium level of administration Includes - observing, upgrades, and a constrained measure of backing.

  • 3
  • Self-managed
    Includes standard observing and some support. Clients give most operations and errands on committed server.

  • 4
  • hardware
    Fully Customize hardware

  • 5
  • Stability
    Bare-metal performance stability

  • 6
  • Storage
    High-capacity storage and RAID
  • 7
  • Privacy and Security
    Dedicated privacy and security
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